Books I read in 2019<<

Book nerds, book dragons, bookworms, book haters (haha *winks). Welcome!!! Last year I read only 6 books for which some may look down on me. However, I should say this. I read 1 book more than my goal. So I won. (*sticks her tongue out). Though I achieved my reading goal, I am not happy … Continue reading Books I read in 2019<<

2020 >> goals

The first day of 2019 was daunting, haunting of how it might turn out. Will I make it through? Will I survive what was to come? Nevertheless, here I am in 2020 leaving behind 2019 by God's grace fully aware of His love for me. 2020 This is my second post in 2020. As I … Continue reading 2020 >> goals


Hello hello!! Happy New Year 2020! 2020 has a good start so I'm participating in the BIBPC 7th photography contest hosted by Megan and I'm excited. There is nothing like when you want to improve your photography skill. Glad these type of contests are hosted!! I'm on Team Autumn. This is my first time entering … Continue reading BIBPC 7

Artists I've been listening to lately (not a Christmas Edition :P)

With people going crazy around this time of the year with Christmas music and chilling with jingles, I'm still yet to join them (*laughing inwardly*). Anyone with me? Eh?Music makes me dance every time. You add a little beat and that's it. My body can move to the beat involuntarily(*remembers Oh from Home movie*). I've … Continue reading Artists I've been listening to lately (not a Christmas Edition :P)